Flaiyy.cc Alert

On May 17th, 2024, Brokervictims.com received a notification about a potential scam. The fraudulent forex operation is linked to the URL: https://www.flaiyy.cc/h5/#/. Flaiyy.cc displays several alarming characteristics that cast doubt on its legitimacy as a forex broker. The company operates secretly, concealing crucial details such as its location, ownership, and service specifics. Vital information like service fees and minimum deposit requirements remain undisclosed. Flaiyy.cc also fails to provide any details about its regulatory status, a major cause for concern. Moreover, online security platforms have flagged the site as untrustworthy, citing security vulnerabilities including a recent domain registration and the absence of a secure HTTPS connection. These red flags strongly suggest potential fraudulent activity.

It’s strongly advised to refrain from investing with Flaiyy.cc due to these concerning indicators.

In the unfortunate case that you’ve fallen victim, it’s essential to take immediate action and collect all communication records related to the incident. Report the scam to local law enforcement agencies and financial regulatory bodies in your region. 

Contact Brokervictims to file a complaint and receive assistance and support in the process of fund recovery.

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